Stain 9

Katie Schutte
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Note from the artist about this piece:
Uniting unrelated areas of artistry is the main catalyst behind my work. I focus on the exploration and execution of crochet techniques as methods for working with materials and processes associated with jewelry, sculpture, and painting. Interestingly, crochet has become a useful tool in mathematics and science, so my work often contains organically inspired forms because crochet objects can be closely governed by the same mathematical principals and systems commonly found in nature. As a prolific crocheter, I have often noticed how the technique seems to mimic various biological processes such as cell growth and reproduction. In the Stains series, doilies, which are common products of traditional crochet, become substitutes for cells and are 'stained' with acrylic so that their nature might be further scrutinized, similar to how specimens are viewed under a microscope after being prepared on a slide.

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