often I am permitted to return to a meadow, panel 4

Owen Brown
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Note from the artist about this piece:
This piece is part of a four-part work on panel, of which, all can be seen on TurningArt. I painted this early meadow in 2020, I had gone south to attend to my father in his last illness. He was in hospital for ten days, during which I was in his room in the day, and I painted in the evening, in his laundry room. It was early March, there was a prairie meadow near the house, I would walk there for some peace before driving to see him. The world was coming back to life, as he was slowly leaving it. I wanted to honor the peace it gave me. This work has been exhibited online, and won an award from the International Online Art Collective. I would hope that all four panels could be purchased by one person. I will give a discount, if so.

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