Adrian Negenborn
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Note from the artist about this piece:
My paintings are about the primacy of the moment in which they were made and the materials they are made with. Before starting paintings, I setup my color palette, mix specific consistencies of paint, and preconceive notions of composition and movement. Starting with a very deliberate setup to paintings, I try to transgress my initial ideas by allowing chance to influence applications of paint. Then through both explosive uncontrolled and deliberate methods I throw, pour, brush, scrape, drip the paint on the canvas. The paintings take on a life of their own. After I am done with them as the paint continues to flow and spread. Often a very happenstance and casual look to the painting prevails. As if the paintings just happened to happen. They are just barely holding together. The most successful paintings capture a balance between harmony and disharmony, chaos and order.

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