Heretical Musings for large prints

Regina Valluzzi
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Note from the artist about this piece:
AI was used to create a larger and less noisy image of the painting. Because AI learns typical and expected patterns, it does affect the details in a painting (but so does photographing or scanning). It adds brushstrokes and detail, often at impossibly small scales. Within a brushstroke colors become flatter, messy edges are curved, and textures are replaced by painterish renderings. Mixed media creates some odd effects too. In this case my glass spheres appear painted in, for example. One thing about AI that others have noted is its tendency fabricate information. Some say it tells lies. In the Visual sphere, AI processing tends to fabricate visual information. It "makes up" details and brushstrokes, color bleeds and textures. Often these inventions are mappings of very common and typical ways of painting, just applied at unusual scales and in odd contexts. I've done some post processing of the file to manage this. While some of the fine details are different from a photo of a painting, at most human scales it looks like a good sharp image of my painting. Rendering the mixed media creates a better print than a photo of different media, in my opinion.

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