19. Plentiful Miles in February

Xynn Tii
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Note from the artist about this piece:
The travel game has become a nasty obsession. February was the month where more miles were traversed using my passport than any other thus far in life. Every possible form of transportation was utilized. 20 states. 5 countries. 100K miles. Airline, meet perks. While stateside, Harrison & Shriftman put me onto their ‘Book The US’ campaign for Booking.com, where there are more unique places to stay than any other travel company in the world. The bed and breakfast inside a cave in New Mexico took the whole cake. Getting to work alongside talented interior designers and the PR powerhouse that is Harrison & Shriftman provided me the opportunity to not sleep for a month. But that late-night road trip through Colorado and layovers at single-gated airports kept us flossing.

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